SNAPS - Simple Non identical Assembly of Protein Sequences

Many different sequence databases are available. Each of them is valuable for mass spectrometry based protein identification in proteome studies. Though major overlap exists in the content of the main public databases, other, less known databases also exist and can offer additional information that yield better matches when queried with spectrum query tools.

To support ongoing efforts in Arabidopsis thaliana protein identification, we have compiled a new database containing all known public protein sequences for this model organism. It is essentially non identical, but each slightly different sequence is present as a different entry. Given the power of contemporary search engines, we consider the completeness of this new database as a considerable advantage for proteome studies, in contrast with the conciseness of its parent databases.

The last version is 0.4:
- SNAPS A.t. 0.4

Version 0.2 is available here:
- SNAPS A.t. 0.2

Please note that the use of this database is restricted to academic and non commercial institutes.