pProRep screenshot - spot record browser
pProRep screenshot - MSMS spectrum view
pProRep screenshot - view of the gel and associated spots
pProRep screenshot: table query form
pProRep screenshots - spot view

pProRep or the php Proteome Repository is an in house developed proteome information management and analysis system. It is described in the following paper:

Laukens K, Matthiesen R, Lemière F, Esmans E, Onckelen HV, Jensen ON, Witters E. (2006) Integration of gel-based proteome data with pProRep. Bioinformatics 22:2838-2840 (pubmed)

It is developed to provide a user-friendly interface to relational proteome databases in a variety of formats. Besides being a powerful proteomic data integration tool, pProRep also offers advanced query and data analysis options. Its flexible and modular code, written in the webscripting language php, offers numerous possibilities for customization and extension.

pProRep is available for download from this website under a GNU public license. Though in an early stage, the application is now functional. The present code supports a sample database in MySQL. Scripts for efficient data import are also provided.

Besides offering downloadable code, this website provides updates, documentation, user support and sample datasets for evaluation and test purposes.

For a brief overview of the application, check the application scheme page.. Some more detailed characteristics of pProRep are presented on the features page.