About the pTools webserver

The ptools webserver organizes tools developed in relation to proteome analysis efforts at the University of Antwerp. It was initiated to dissiminate results from all current efforts in the Centre for Proteome Analysis of the University of Antwerp to centralize proteomics-related bioinformatics. It intends to support proteome researchers with relevant bioinformatics tools. It is now maintained by The Intelligent Systems Laboratory (Dept. Mathematics and Computer Science) by dr. Kris Laukens.

Here we present our in-house developed tools for proteomic data analysis. Downloadable codes is shared here whenever a project is considered sufficiently mature, in the meanwhile these pages give you an overview of the current status of these projects. Though the proteomics field is rapidly evolving, data analysis is still a major bottleneck in proteome analysis.

The pTools website has a sister site, called pData, on which we share experimental proteomic datasets.

The projects presented on this website are supported by an F.W.O. ("Fonds voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek") "Krediet aan Navorsers".