Tools for protein & proteome analysis

Welcome to the pTools webserver. This website is a joint development by the Centre for Proteome Analysis and the Intelligent Systems Lab, at the University of Antwerp. Here we present in-house developed tools for protein and proteome (data) analysis. Downloadable codes is shared here whenever a project is considered sufficiently mature, in the meanwhile these pages give you some overview of the current status of some projects.

Though the proteomics field is rapidly evolving, data analysis is still a major bottleneck in proteome analysis. Sharing data, databases and tools among the research community is one of our goals.

The pTools website has a sister site, called pData, on which we share experimental proteomic datasets.

CRPhos paper published

CRPhos, a novel algorithm to predict kinase specific phosphorylation sites is described in a recent paper in Bioinformatics. The paper and supplementary data (including source code) can be found here.